Hook Marine to attend Skipper Expo Aberdeen

If you are visiting the Aberdeen fishing show, Hook Marine would be delighted to see you at stand 53B where they will have their SeaWise stability monitor on display.

Stability estimation continues to be a major problem, often the principal cause of serious accidents. However, SeaWise can provide you with a read-out of roll period and GM during your voyage, allowing you to trace your changing stability while at sea.

Stability will change during a voyage, due to the vessel burning off fuel and consuming water, while the cargo – fish – is loaded in mid-ocean, a unique feature of the fishing vessel’s operation.
Aside from normal activity, however, stability can be reduced by a number of factors including water ingress to the hull, water being trapped on deck, ice accretion on the superstructure, free-surface effect from partly-full tanks, overloading with fish or fishing gear and unapproved alterations to the vessel.

Any of these defects will cause the vessel to roll more slowly, and it is the timing of the roll period which SeaWise employs to calculate the metacentric height of the vessel. Roll tests are well-established for verifying stability when a vessel is in calm water, but SeaWise extends the roll test to continuous monitoring in a seaway, while discounting the extraneous motions from wind and waves which complicate the vessel’s motion.

The purchase of SeaWise is eligible for funding support from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).

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