Seawise Monitor

How stable is your vessel?

From accident statistics we know that over 60% of fishing vessel losses are due to stability problems

How stable is your vessel? – In a safety flyer to the fishing industry (06/12/2018), the UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch wrote ” It is important to have a clear understanding of your vessel’s stability, but the impact that fishing methods have on stability cannot be emphasized enough” and again “the dangers of modifying small fishing vessels and changing fishing methods are well known and the consequences on stability are often fatal.”

Talk to us about stability, and find out what our SeaWise stability monitor can add to safety levels on board your vessel – every day, every hour, every minute.

Safe fishing is no accident!

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Hook Marine Ltd is a Scottish company which is dedicated to safety in the marine industries. The company specialises in the provision of safety equipment for use when lifting or hauling at sea, and the Kranskan™ and SeaWise™ products are specially designed to reduce the risks associated with working in a hostile and hazardous marine environment.