Vessel Losses in Commercial Fishing

Vessel Losses in Commercial Fishing

Vessel Losses in Commercial Fishing – Step Changes Required

The accident rates in commercial fishing remain stubbornly high for both crews and fishing vessels. During the UK Maritime Safety Week it is appropriate to consider action that can be put in place now.

Vessel Losses in Commercial Fishing – what is required is action to bring about a step change in the accident rates?

First of all, we must look at the reasons for disasters, whether they happen when fishing or when sailing to or from the fishing grounds.

One factor stands out above all others. The stability of fishing vessels is largely an unknown factor for the owners or the crew. Even when a vessel’s stability is assessed when newly built (not all are), the stability of a vessel changes constantly during a voyage, with fuel and water being consumed in normal operation. However, many adverse factors can alter the stability of a boat including water ingress to the hull, water on deck, icing on the superstructure, overloading, and unchecked vessel modifications.

A solution is now ready for use on your boat. The SeaWise™ stability monitor is now available for new vessel installation or for retrofitting to existing boats.

Be stable – Come home safely

If you – boat owner, skipper, regulator, naval architect, surveyor, marine engineer, safety practitioner – share our concerns, please contact us for further information on this innovative early warning device.

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