The Kranskan™ with Control Function

As an extra safety measure, the Kranskan™ indicator can be provided with a cut-out feature.  When the crane reaches the maximum load moment, or when the vessel reaches the maximum permitted angle of heel, a signal is transmitted to the crane which prevents any further crane extension.

The Kranskan™ indicator MK5 RF variant

The MK5 RF variant has been designed for marine cranes with continuous slewing where the operator sits on the crane superstructure. The solid-state inclinometer is housed in a separate enclosure on the vessel in order to give the true angle of heel.

Lloyd’s Register – Royal Institution of Naval Architects

Hook Marine are past winners of the industry prize in the LR-RINA Safer Ship Awards for the concept of the Kranskan™ safety indicator.

The judges in this international competition said that they “felt that the quality of this entry will be a benchmark for future awards”.